Ability to select which batches to move / put on hold after 3rd party packaging + improvements on 3PP

I might well be missing something here but I’m trying to find a workaround for the following problem.

We package off site with a 3rd party packager - when we ‘receive’ the stock back I have to pretend it’s all come back to our main site, when in fact we might only bring back a few pallets at a time. The bulk of the stock stays with the 3rd party where it is not actually available for sale, but we’d like to be able to track the quantity.

I’ve tried putting this on hold, but I can only have the full quantity on hold or not on hold when receiving back. I’ve then tried to send the remaining stock that is at the 3rd party ‘back to’ the 3rd party, however I haven’t found a way of sending the newest batch only. I’m now in a position where I’ve got two batches with the 3rd party on Breww, but not in real life, and the oldest stock, ie that will be used first, has been sent to a stock location that it isn’t at, which will no doubt cause a problem when trying to assemble mixed cases etc.

What Breww should really be able to do is allow me to select which batches I’m moving to what location, unless it does and I’ve missed this bit? Maybe I need to move more over than I actually want, then move some back so it takes the oldest back to the first location?

What I would really really like Breww to be able to do is hold all packaging stock at the 3rd party packagers, as that’s actually where the stock is held and the stock is used at the point of packaging. I want Breww to tell me I haven’t got enough packaging materials for the planned packaging, pre-packaging check to generate POs. I would then like to be able to keep track of the finished goods stock there, but have it unable for sale. I would then like to be able to transport specific batches from this location, to another where it then becomes available for sale. Without all this I find I am having to do a quite a few work arounds and it really isn’t working as well as we’d like.


We recently launched the ability to receive stock back from a 3rd party packager in multiple separate receipts - see the announcement. You would also have the ability to receive products back on different dates, with the remaining volume at the 3rd party packager. Would this solve it for you?
Cheers, Matt