Zevero Sustainability Integration

We have started using Zevero for tracking our carbon footprint and sustainability targets, as have a number of breweries, and a lot of the information they gather is direct from Breww so it would be really helpful to have an integration with them so they cause automatically get the data


This would be a fantastic integration for us, as we also use both. As carbon reduction is the key sustainability strategy pillar for UK SIBA members (all brewers), it makes sense to prioritize this upgrade.

I would suggest it is a matter of responsibility and industry
leadership, rather than wait for the votes on the feature request ladder…?


What data would they need? It might be good for someone from Zevero to get involved in this thread.

If they can get all of this from Breww already then, this integration would be a nice addition and I’m sure it would save the Zevero team some time, but I don’t feel it fits into the corporate responsibility category, in all honestly.

If they need information from Breww that we have and they cannot get, then I could view it differently. At Breww, we’re keen to do our bit for the environment too (we offset our own team & activities with Ecology), so helping breweries be environmentally positive is something we support 110% :+1:

Hey Luke! We’ve had a meeting with Chris today and working on the solution. Breww is an incredible tool for sustainability data, another string to the bow and a great additional benefit.

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Ah brilliant, that’s great to hear :+1:

We’d also be very keen for this to be roadmapped ASAP as use both.


@zevero-earth, we’ve recently soft-launched our public API, with a number of endpoints which hopefully can enable you to pull the data that you need. Can you have a look at API functionality - #13 by luke and let us know if you need anything else? Cheers :beers: