Would it be possible to get a list of all QL commands?

Just wondering if there is a way of seeing all the Breww QL commands. It would make creating a report easier if I could pre-format it (so to speak)

The available fields with BrewwQL evolves and improves over time so this isn’t the easiest thing to document and then keep that document up to date. For this reason we don’t currently have a list of all the options, other than in the “Add filter” process and via the auto-complete suggestions.

For now, your best option is to use the auto-complete suggestions to make your filters. You can of course then copy and paste the BrewwQL for re-use if you need. I expect that in the future as BrewwQL and Breww itself becomes more mature, we’ll be better placed to create a documented list of all the available options. I’m sorry I’ve not got a better answer for you right now!