Will multipacks auto assemble when added to an order?


Just created a new order of cases (made up of single bottles). They show as 0 available, as I have none pre-assembled a of yet. When I go to pick this order, will these cases auto-assemble from my stock, or do I need to do this manually before readying the delivery?



Hi Rob,

Sure, so the required product will be auto-assembled if not in stock at the point you mark the delivery as “Left duty suspense”. However, we’ve had a bit of feedback recently (and we agree!) that it would be a better overall experience to assemble and assign it at the point the order is confirmed - so we are looking to implement it that way as well when we get a chance. that will mean once an order is Confirmed you won’t see a negative “Qty available” figure if you have enough stock to re-assemble.

Hope that helps!


Hi Max,

Yes very helpful, and totally agree it would be good to have that item assembled (or flag up as unable to assemble?) at point of order confirmation.



Hi Max

This is good news. How do we set products to be auto assembled? We’re currently doing it manually which is time consuming and a bit of a pain. If we go to mark a delivery as “left duty suspense” but a mixed pack isn’t in stock (yet it’s component items are) it’s unable to be marked as such until we manually assemble the product.

Cheers, Gemma.

Hi Gemma,

Products can be set to auto assemble/disassemble in Settings > Delivery Settings > Auto Assign Products > Tick the middle two options. This way if you do sell a mixed pack which isn’t in stock (but can be made of other components which are), we’ll reassign the available components to enable you to dispatch an order without having to manually do so.

Hopefully that helps save you some time!



Hi James,

Just came back to ask the exact question Gemma did!

I have selected this option, but still cannot complete the delivery (although I have enough stock to auto assemble).

Is this because I did not have the option to auto-assemble selected before making this particular order?



Ah I may have not clicked ‘save’ :sweat_smile:. All sorted, thank you!

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Perfect, thank you :slight_smile: