Why isn't Breww assembling / disassembling products into different formats on dispatch as expected?

Breww will only reassemble your packaging formats when you have enabled the Auto Assemble / Auto Disassemble product functions in Settings > Delivery settings > Auto assign products. Once enabled, Breww will reformat your products on dispatch to ensure you’re able to meet your order requirements.

There are a few related options to give you full control, but in a general sense, enabling these options will ensure that Breww will assemble individual cans or bottles into your multi-packs (e.g. 12 pack of bottles) and your mixed-packs (e.g. a sample box of 6 different beers). Breww can also (if you request it), disassemble your multi-packs and mixed-packs into their component cans/bottles as required to fulfil your orders.

If you prefer to always know for sure how many bottles you have as singles, plus how many in mixed-packs and multi-packs, you can leave these options off and manually convert between packaging formats yourself. It’s entirely up to you how you’d like to run your business.