Why are container codes & batches not showing on delivery notes?

They were, but now they’re not? We have the appropriate setting ( I think)…
Although we may have done something stupid.
The only thing that’s changed recently, is that deliveries are now being put on “runs”. (Why weren’t they before? don’t ask… sigh)



Hi Jon, thanks for your comment! I’ve had a look at this for you, and it sounds like you will need an additional setting turned on in your Delivery settings under Delivery label/document settings. There are three options here: ‘Don’t display’, ‘Show for casks & kegs only’ or ‘Show for everything (casks, kegs and smallpack)’. These should then be displayed for you. Cheers!

Thanks for prompt response, but…
Already set…

Hi Jon, thanks for your reply. Ah, ok - thanks for confirming that this setting is turned on. Do the orders have stock assigned to them that you have generated the delivery notes from? If stock isn’t assigned, then these will show blank. If they do have stock assigned, if you could raise a support ticket for this, I would be very happy to have a closer look at your settings for you to see what is happening here! Cheers.

Thank you - will do
(it does appear that stock has been assigned)

All sorted now, thanks folks.