Volume removal for yeast dump

Is there an option to remove/dump yeast when not tranferring to another vessel? Currently i cannot see an option to remove yeast or hops from a tank when there is no vessel to transfer to.

Also, as a small brewery, we keep track of our volume loss when taking gravity readings. An option for this on daily ferm reading would be great, then automatically adjusts tank volume and batch actions without having to “add liquid/volume”

Any advice would be great

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Thanks for the message, Dylan.

You’re right that at the moment when taking gravity readings there is no prompt for a loss volume. If you are extracting yeast from a vessel into a yeast batch then Breww should prompt for any loss volume during this process, so that can be recorded then.

For now, to record losses on a gravity reading, or from removing hops (or yeast if you’re not moving it into a yeast batch) you’ll need to use the “Add liquid/volume” button and enter a negative number in order to reduce the volume in the vessel.

We’ve more information on Yeast/ingredient batch management if you’ve not yet seen this functionality in Breww.

There’s not really a process in Breww (yet) for removing hops that could have a loss volume associated with it, but if you’d like to see this functionality added in the future, could you put this forward as a feature request? Also, if you’d like to be able to enter a loss volume when taking a batch reading, could this also be added as a feature request? This allows others to vote for their most important requests too and helps us make sure we build the best possible brewery management platform. Thank you.