Visibility of what's sold under Planned Packagings

Let’s say we’re packaging a beer next week. We have an active batch and planned packagings have been entered across various products (for us, typically own firkin, eCask, KeyKeg, can etc.). We often have cause to know what’s been sold of each of those package types so we can flex the packaging split, know how many empty casks we’ll need etc.

Currently I have to navigate away from the Batch screen and into Products → Products By Beer → (Find Beer) → Products Selling This Beer, from where I can see total available and allocated. Can these two be connected so I can click on something in the Batch screen to take me to the product or have it pull that data into view?

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Thanks, Andy. A link through to the product makes lots of sense, and as with your other recent request, it’s very quick to add. You should see this appear in Breww later today!

I think showing the actual stock data there would be great too, so I’ll keep this open for adding that part of the request, but the link to the product should save you some time in the meantime :+1: