Venue listed in invoice email subject header

We have a multi venue customer who has moved to a paperless invoice reading system. They would like the subject header of the email that sends them the invoice to contain the venue name - in our case the top line of the delivery address. So the feature request is for the email invoice subject header to contain the invoice number and our name as it currently does, plus the first line of the delivery address.

Thanks for the great suggestion.

I’m delighted to say that we’ve been able to implement this now :tada: If you go to SettingsEmail settings then you can now enter the subject line of your choice and a table is shown with the possible variables that can be used. It looks a bit like this:

In your case, you might want to use something like:

{{ business_name }} - {{ document_title }} - {{ delivery_address_first_line }}

Please bear in mind that this will affect all customers, so if they ever have an address first line a bit like “10 Station Road”, you’d get a slightly odd subject line like “Test Brewery - Invoice #123 - 10 Station Road”

You could alternatively use a subject like:

{{ business_name }} - {{ document_title }} - {{ delivery_name }}, {{ delivery_address_first_line }}

Which might make more sense to other customers and would make something like “Test Brewery - Invoice #123 - The Star, 10 Station Road”

If you have any questions on this, please let us know :slight_smile:

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