Urgent Tasks and how to highlight them

There is some chat about tasks and making it simpler to use. Like many people I have a long list of tasks and sometimes it is difficult to pick out the most important ones. Would it be possible to add an urgent flag or some way to highlight specific tasks - such as changing the type colour from black to red. That way if you have an urgent task, something like - call before 10 for an order - then it will stand out

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Thanks for the great suggestion, Simon. You’re in luck that this is a simple addition on our side.

I’m delighted to say that we’ve been able to add a tick box when you create/edit a task to mark it as urgent :tada: This will make them show in the list with an orange background highlight and a warning icon.

In addition, on the calendar view, they will be shown in orange. Previously, bank holidays were shown in orange, so we’ve changed this to show in light blue now to free up the orange colour for the urgent tasks.

I hope this is useful :smile:

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