Updating stock items to include VAT

I’m probably missing something here, but one of our stock ingredients was input without VAT when setting up Breww. having just placed an order for more of the item I realised my error however cant see VAT option.

does this mean i need to Obsolete the stock item and create a new one?

Hi Chris, thanks for your comment! You will be able to update the VAT on the supplier supplying the stock stock item. If you head to Stock items and select the stock item, there will be a tab called Suppliers. If you then select the edit pencil on the supplier, you will be able to update the Supplier charges VAT and Supplier item VAT rate fields. You can also do this by heading to the main Supplier page via Stock itemsSuppliersView suppliers. You can then select the supplier followed by Supplied products, where you can change the VAT rate for a stock item. Cheers!

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thanks for that Ben, I think getting to grips with the navigation is one of the biggest steps in Breww.