Trade Webshop beer descriptions

Hi, were looking to start to use the trade store soon and while configuring it I’ve noticed theres no option to any description of the beers - would this be something that could be added later?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the question, and welcome to the Breww community!

You can add a trade store description by editing the beer, Production > View > Beers > Edit beer (pencil icon)). Then find the ‘Trade store description’ input field. This description will be shown for all ‘single beer products’ that use this beer (casks/kegs/small-packs/multi-packs), but not mixed-packs. The idea here is that the description describes the beer, and so will be the same regardless of what container the beer is in. That being said, you can set images for specific products. When set, the product image will override the beer image, when not set, the beer image will be used for the product.

I hope this helps! Feel free to reply if you need any further information.