Trade store smallpack with auto-assemble


We’re trying to get the trade store up but the way we are handling multipacks is by keeping can stock in singles and then allowing Breww to assemble the box on the fly when added to the invoice.

The problem is this means customers see the case as Out Of Stock. We need them to be able to see the theoretical maximum instead of the number we’ve actually boxed. Is there something we’re missing?


Hi Mike,

Yeah absolutely, this seems like the perfect thing to be made into a trade store setting. Let us see what we can do - we’ll keep you posted!



Further to Mike’s point above. When building an order, it would be incredibly beneficial to see the theoretical maximum also rather than stock showing zero for multipacks built in this way.

Is there a way of showing this or is this something you can impliment?


Hi Ryan,

Welcome to the Breww community!

Sure - I can see how that would definitely be useful! Would the ideal place be next to each product on the Product selection pop-up that appears when adding items to an invoice do you think?


Hi Max,

Thanks for the reply. That sounds like a great place to me. Knowing when building an order stock levels is important to us.


Hi Max,

We are new to Breww and the Trade store, and we are having the same problem as Mike. Is this something that is likely to be implemented as I can see that this thread is quite old now?

If not how would you recommend setting up so that we can have multipacks showing as in stock?

Many thanks

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay with getting this feature completed. We’re delighted to announce that it’s now ready for use.

If you go to Settings > Breww Trade Store Settings, you should see the new option

If you’ve any questions, please let us know :blush:



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