Trade store should have images when sorted by beer

As labels contain vital information about a beer, the most useful access to beers through “Brows by Beer” is lacking. Would be great to select one available maybe from a smallpack by default to be displayed for each beer. A small tickbox that would enable an “override” for which label should be displayed for a category/beer on individual product would be great as well.

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Have you uploaded an image to the beer (as opposed to the product)? The beer image should already be showing on this trade store page. These can be uploaded from within the “Images & files” tab on the beer page.

The idea was that you’d only need to upload an image to the product if you wanted it to take precedence over the beer’s image (when viewing something specific to the product, such as in the basket). This might save some admin time too, as you may not need to upload an image on each product and just have to do it once per beer.

Can you let me know either way if this covers what you need so that I can update this thread appropriately? Cheers!

hi Luke, my “edit beer” page doesn’t have an option to upload an image unfortunately … thus I have been uploading the same image 4-5 times for each product

just found it in the detail … not edit

Thanks for confirming. I can see why this can be confusing, so we’ll add some help text to the edit page to explain where to upload images :+1: