To infinity and beyond! - Help!

Hi, I have an anomaly.
According to stock levels, i have 2 of this product in stock as per first screenshot

this was entered into stock via inventory receipt image 2

however when i look at product screen, this is what appears

infinity boxes of cider!!
I can’t allocate product to delivery and i can’t print out delivery label

Please advise

Hi Paul,

The problem is that the product isn’t linked to the stock item. The product is a “Service” product at the moment and these have infinite stock and don’t need allocating to deliveries.

You’ll need to edit this product and, from the Component stock items section, choose the right stock item. This should then switch the product over to a “Stock item” product and pull the available stock from the stock item. You’ll then be able to assign to the delivery and print delivery labels.

You may need to temporarily remove the product from the order so you can edit it (hopefully, it’s just one order), as products can only be edited if they haven’t been sold.

I hope this makes sense, but please let us know if you need further help :+1:

hi, thanks for the prompt reply I’ve managed to edit all but one of them and get them into stock, the last one is throwing up this error message
This service product has been used and therefore cannot be edited. If you no longer use this product, please obsolete it.

any ideas?

That message means it’s been “used” already, so it is locked from changes. “Used” can have a number of meanings, but if this is a recently added “Service” product, this is highly likely to mean it is on an order.

If the order hasn’t been invoiced/delivered yet, you should be able to revert the order to a draft, remove the item, edit the product’s components and then re-add it to the order.

If the order is already invoiced/delivered, you’ll need to obsolete this product and create a new replacement product that’s linked to the stock item.