The ordering of Custom Product Tags

I need some help or maybe a workaround.

I use custom product tags to help in reporting (because I make cider and wine, and am in the State of Virginia).

I have to have separate categories for the TTB (hard cider, still wine, carbonated wine, sparkling wine) and separate categories for VA ABC (cider, cider with non fruit flavor, cider with fruit flavor, wine). Each product fits in 1 TTB category and 1 VA ABC category, and no the venn diagrams are not overlapping.

I use custom tags to delineate a product into its TTB and VA ABC category. Then in my reporting I can include the TAG column, and then transpose the comma delineated list of product tags in excel and have tax categories to sort by.

OR IT WOULD BE except BREWW orders product tags (I think) by creation date instead of alphabetical, which makes it useless because some of my products go VA ABC then TTB and some go TTB then VA ABC, and I delete all my tags, remake all my tags in order and then retag 75 products.

Please order custom product tags alphabetically rather than by creation date

Thanks for the great suggestion, David. Fortunately, this is a simple tweak, so we’ve done this already and the tags should be showing in alphabetical order for you now :+1: