The Breww Community here - welcome!

Hello everyone :wave:

It’s Luke from the :breww: Breww team here and I’m delighted to welcome you to our new community.

Max and I have been building the Breww platform for over two years now and what a journey it’s been! We’re so grateful to each and every one of our loyal breweries for helping us bootstrap this business and get it to where it is today. We delighted to have continued to grow our business this year (despite the challenges that lockdowns have posed to our industry) and to have welcomed James to the team in September.

And today, we’d like to welcome you to the latest chapter - the launch of our community. You can discuss anything you’d like here in the Breww Community - from Breww itself to everything else related to making beer or running a brewery.

Don’t be afraid to post a question, ask for advice or suggest ways in which Breww could be even better. As a team, a community, together we can make Breww better for everyone. Welcome to the future of brewery management - and more importantly, making incredible beer.

Cheers :beers: