Tasks and Customer Tasks on Breww

When adding a task to the customer page how do we get the task to transfer to the “Task” tab on the side bar?

Do we always have to add tasks on “Tasks” on the main page?

Do tasks added on the customer page come up as tasks for the configured sales person?

Do you mean the Assignee ?

This is shown on the Customer page then on Upcoming Tasks

Ah yes, I remember now. By default that’s the current user isn’t it? Rather than the sales person (which would have been sensible). It isn’t working? Does the menu on the sidebar not update? If you click on something (Tasks, for instance)?

Hi Rob, thanks for reaching out in the community! When raising a task on a customer account page, the assignee, by default, will be set to the user creating the task, as Jon has suggested. However, when raising a task on a customer, you can select Show additional options, where you can include other users when assigning the task. This will then appear under the Tasks due soon tab on the main Tasks page unless the task has been scheduled for the same day, which will show under Tasks due now.

Admin users can view all users’ tasks; however, a non-admin user will only be able to see the tasks assigned to them. A user can also invite another user to view their tasks by heading to Tasks → Viewing permissions → Invite users to view my tasks. If you are still unable to see these tasks within the main Tasks tab, then it would be great if you could raise a support ticket for this, as well as grant us access to your account, and we can look into this further for you. Cheers, Ben!