Tank utilisation


I’m wondering if there is a way to see figures for the utilisation of your tanks to see how efficient you are at using them over a given time period. It would be useful feature to have if there isn’t a way of generating a report for it already.

Thanks for the suggestion, Rob. Are you thinking of a report with a date range of your choise and then Breww shows for each vessel the percentage of days that it was filled?

Until we have something specifically for this, you can get a visual overview by going to the Batch schedule calendar and scrolling back in time. It’s not hard percentages as such but should give you some idea. Cheers.

Hi Luke,
Yes a report in which we can pick a particular date range, then it will show us how many days the tank was in use, how many days the tank was empty and what the percentage of tank utilisation was…and then a total tank utilisation of brewery.


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