Syncing customers from Mailchimp to Breww

I’ve read the post that details how to sync from Breww to Mailchimp but is there a way to do this in reverse and bring the customers from Mailchimp into Breww?

I have 88 contacts on Breww and 98 on Mailchimp and want to collate this if possible.

Thank you

Hi Courier Brewing team!

Not at the moment, but it’s a good idea, so I have converted your post into a feature request, so please add your vote at the top of the page. Unfortunately, for right now, though you will need to do this manually.

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately, I don’t think this is really going to be feasible (as an automated tool) as Mailchimp doesn’t necessarily have all the data that we need. For example, all customers in Breww must have a “Customer type” which isn’t usually a field in Mailchimp.

I’d suggest as an alternative that you export your customer list from Mailchimp to a CSV or an Excel file, adjust the data as required and import it via our import tools at SettingsData imports & updates.

Please note that there is one tool for importing new customers and a different tool for updating existing customers. If you just want to add 10 “missing” customers, you’ll need to use the tool that imports new customers and ensure the file only has 10 rows in it (or you’ll end up with 186 customers, of which 88 will be duplicates).

Due to the complications of Mailchimp not having the right fields and a CSV export/import being such a simple solution, I’m going to close this feature request, sorry. But please do let us know if you have any questions on how to use our customer importer tool and we’ll be delighted to help :smile:

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