Support sellar shipping as a courier

Do you plan to support sellar shipping as a courier?

There are no current plans for this, but we’re always open to ideas.

Sellar shipping has negotiated very good rates so seems like something that should be available… (Unless you could also negotiate rates with parcelforce & UPS!)

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At the moment if we want to ship an order that came from our sales team in breww, or shopify for example, using sellar shipping, we usually:
Create a customer in sellar
Create an order with a dummy product
Book the shipping for the dummy products

This then creates a second order in breww, which is just a pain.

Worst case, if we could at least put the breww order ID into sellar and have the import link them up rather than create a duplicate that would help

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Yeah, that does sound like a pain!

I’d suggest you vote for the feature request: UK-wide courier deliveries using Breww managed rates (much like a buying group or Sellar/EeBria's shipping)