Supplier Payment Terms / Invoice due date

Currently when we use inventory receipts and mark as invoiced these ping across to our accounts package with a due date = to the delivery date.

However for most of our suppliers we have payment terms, and use a search in accounts package to determine when people are due. Therefore at the movement it’s flagging people as due before they really are.

It would be useful if when we click the “Invoiced By Supplier” button we were prompted to put in a due date for the invoice. Or alternatively (but potentially more work) have supplier payment terms set for each supplier that would automatically do this.


This would be really useful for us as well. We want to set up automatic payments on our accountancy software for when an invoice is due so that we don’t miss payments.


Same. This is throwing off our accounts payable reports in Xero.

It’s a real pain. We have to amend every invoice manually in Xero. I’m not sure why more people aren’t finding this an issue!

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Has there been any movement on this? I’m getting really tired of having to go into Xero and reset the due date on every single supplier invoice. Seems like such a simple add that would save a ton of time and eliminate costly errors/mistakes in paying suppliers before invoices are actually due.

Im not sure why more people haven’t voted for this. Like Christopher says, it’s really clunky having to mark as invoiced on the breww and then remember to go amend things in xero every time. I would say simply being able to set an invoice due date is fairly basic functionality that you expect to be there.

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Thanks, Ben and Christopher, we do agree.

We’re working on this and hope to have it ready next week :+1: We’ll follow up here when it’s ready.

Great news, this has now been launched :tada:

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, please let us know!

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