Stripe card payments integration is now live! - Trade store payments & refunds (and more coming soon)

We’re over the moon to announce that the next part of our payment handling project is now live - Payment links!

You can now add a link in your invoice emails to send your customers to a page hosted by us, where they can see their invoice payment status, and pay what they owe online by card (if you enable payments).

You can customise how this is displayed in your invoice emails. If you’re using Breww’s standard template, it will look somewhat like below (and has been added in already), but if you’ve moved away from our standard template, you’ll need to add in the payment link yourself. (This is in SettingsEmail settings)

The page the customer goes to looks somewhat like the next screenshot. If you are using the Breww Trade Store, we’ll use your own brand colours, background image, etc. If not, we’ll make it look smart for you.

From the main invoice page in Breww, itself, you can also view (and copy) the link so you can easily send this to customers yourself if you’d like and preview how it looks for them (this is shown just below the payments section).

To use this, you’ll need to have enabled the Stripe integration (as above). Then you can customise which customers can pay you online from this page (at SettingsOrder/invoice settings) and which can only view the invoice page without the option to pay.

Wondering, how to confirm a customer is a direct debit customer? Edit the customer and tick the “Typically pays by Direct Debit” box!

How to include the link in your invoice emails

If you haven’t set your own email message template already, then this link will have been added for you by default. (If you haven’t enabled Stripe yet, your customers won’t be able to pay, but will be able to see the invoice and check its payment status.)

If you’ve modified your email template, you can follow the steps in the video below to add the link. You essentially need to create a link to a special “URL” of //INVOICE_URL// and Breww will substitute this code for the correct URL before sending the email. It’s absolutely vital that that code is entered exactly as above for it to work properly. It’s two forward slashes followed by INVOICE_URL and another two forward slashes. There must be no spaces, before, after, or in the middle of it.

We also include this payment link as standard in new Invoice payment due reminder emails, but if you ever need to add this to them where it has been removed, it can be done in exactly the same way, but Invoice payment due reminders are edited in SettingsOrder/invoice settingsInvoice due reminders.

We hope this proves useful and we’d love to hear your feedback on Breww’s payment links feature!