Stripe, Breww and Xero

Hey all, we’re thinking of moving to Stripe as our eCommerce payment processor for our webshop. Just a quick question to ask if anyone else uses it with Breww and Xero? Are there are any issues to be aware of before making the swap? Is it pretty seamless?

Cheers, James

Welcome to the community, James. This should be able to work well.

If you are planning on using Stripe for both your webshop and for Breww’s payment management, it’s useful to keep Breww’s Stripe transactions and your webshop’s transactions separate, by using two accounts in Stripe (but they can be linked in Stripe so you can use the same login details and switch accounts). This ensures that either system cannot accidentally interact with payments that it doesn’t “own”. If there’s ever a reconciliation query, it also ensures that you know where to look for the answer.

You’ll likely want to link Stripe and Xero with a feed to make reconciliation easier, here’s a guide to this.

If you have Breww’s Stripe integration enabled already and don’t yet have an account for your webshop:
Login to your Stripe dashboard, click on your business name in the top-left and choose the “New account” option. Create a secondary account for your webshop payments.

If you already have a Stripe account for your webshop and want to also integrate Breww:
Go through the Stripe integration setup process in Breww, and this will automatically create you a new “sub-account”.

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