Splitting batches in Breww

There may be occasions where you need to split a proportion of a batch away from the original to create a new separate batch.

Once your batch is in a primary vessel, you can split it into separate vessels. To split a batch, you will need to conduct a Transfer by heading to the batch and selecting ActionsTransfer between vessels. When splitting a batch, Breww will give you a checkbox option as to whether you would like to create a new batch from the transfer volume.

By selecting Yes on the checkbox, Breww will create a new batch from the transfer with a new and unique batch number. This batch number will automatically follow your batch sequence, but this can be overridden if necessary. By default, the new batch will be the same beer as the original, but it is then possible to edit the new batch and change the beer it is associated with by selecting ActionsEdit batch details. Breww will pull through the costs of the initial batch proportionally, and the ingredient traceability will remain throughout.

If you are transferring the final amount in the vessel, this will not give you the option to split the batch, as this isn’t being split away from the original batch and will just count as a regular transfer. To split the final amount in a vessel into a new batch, a small amount of the batch will have to remain in the original vessel when transferring, which will be recognised as a batch split.