Spent Grain Traceability for Animal Feed Licence

Hi all, who would benefit from end to end grain traceability. To be used in Trading standards Audits for the Animal Feed licence? Enabling the tracking from grower to the end livestock farmer. Each brew batch to allocate the spent grain to specific farmer, produce a collection note which the farmer can sign aka a delivery note?? Or can anyone suggest a better solution?

Thanks for the suggestion here.

This definitely sounds like a cool feature so if anyone else would find this useful, please vote using the button above. I will make sure to update you if there are any developments on this.

As registered animal feed producers we’re required to keep records of where the grain goes which is local farmers. Would be great to have those details pre populated (batch, date, our address, receivers address) and a PDF to print. Thanks.

@jack-wolfart I’ve moved your request from another thread into this other request as there’s a lot of overlap here. This one has also already had a number of votes which has moved it up the priority list. If you give this vote too, that would be great and will move it up the priority list even further. Thanks

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