Sort product lines on orders

Hi there,

I’d like to request an option to re-order items on an order.

Some customers like all cans and kegs to be grouped together, or all ordered by ABV etc - would be nice to be able to move them after the initial placement.



The available products report is the one I use the most and yes it could be made more powerful with more sorting/filtering options.

I do like the beers in ABV order too!

On the filter for 440ml cans for example. We edit the Excel file and remove all single cans as customers are only buying 24x multipacks.


Thanks Adam, can I just clarify what you’re asking for?

Are you looking to be able to add a number of products to a customer order, then click a button to sort them by product type (e.g. cask/keg/smallpack) and then ABV? This would allow you to quickly add items, but then show them in a “neater” list?


Hi Luke,

Just to be able to move them about in any order I’d like after the initial order they were entered. Trade Gecko (for example) used to have a little up/down arrow on each item so you could put them in any order you’d like.


Ah great! That’s much better than what I was thinking :+1:

We use drag-and-drop functionality in a number of tables around Breww, so I’m sure we could leverage the tooling behind this to add this to order lines too.

If anyone else would like to see this, please give it a vote using the button in the top-left.

Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve renamed the thread to make it a little clearer (“re-order” could mean a couple of things in the context of an order).

Good news! This has just dropped :beers:

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