Showing multipacks containing a certain product

We have quite a few multi-packs containing (yup) multiple beers. When a single beer is out of stock, so is every multi-pack containing this beer. Is there an easy way to see which products contain that specific (out of stock) product?

And even better, is there an easy way to manually substitute this product with another? This must be manual, since a change will most probably change the price of the multipack, while Shopify will not sync this price (it would be great if it did).

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

If you go to the beer associated with the (out of stock) product you can see “Products selling this beer”, which will include the mixed packs. There must be a better way?

As far as substituting… I suspect you’d have to create a whole new mixed pack with the missing product replaced. i.e. duplicate, then edit the (new) product. We can’t edit a mixed product that has been used.

Hi Hans Anton, thanks for your message. As Jon has suggested, the best way to do this currently would be to head to the associated Beer, and view the Products selling this beer. To substitute the out-of-stock packaged component in this product, you would need to create a new mixed pack product which contains a replacement of an in-stock packaged beer and either map this to the current product in Shopify or create a new Shopify product with an amended price that you can map to. Let me know if you need any more help. Cheers