Show the credit note numbers allocated on invoice PDF

Is it possible to mention the numbers of allocated creditnotes on the invoice? This for admin clarity

Thanks for the question, Gijs. This isn’t possible at the moment, so I’ve moved this to our feature requests area so we can look at adding support for this for you in the future.


Hi Luke,

Ah. I was hoping it was a bit of code I could implement on the template.

This is a touch urgent as I am getting complaints of customers that they have to manually process deposit reditnotes and want them included on invoices. Since I can’t put any credits on orders I want to assign the creditnotes to the invoices, but this will be only accepted by these customers when it is clear which creditnotes are connected to the order.

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Good news, we’ve been able to add this. We’ve added this to our standard (Breww Modern) template now. It looks a bit like this:

If you’re using a custom template, you’ll need to update the code yourself, so to get you started, the code we have is as follows:

You can copy and paste from here:

{% if credit_notes %}
    <th>Credit notes</th>
{% endif %}


{% if credit_notes %}
    <td class="small">
        {% for note in credit_notes %}
            <div>{{ note }}</div>
        {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

We hope this helps :smile:

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