Show available stock from selected fulfilment site only when placing an order

I have requested something similar before and it was partially done.
It would be good that, when adding items to an order, Breww would show the available stock for the selected fulfilment location only. Otherwise the numbers shown can mislead the sales team as some items might be in stock in one location only.
The way it works now this is only flagged at dispatch point.

Thanks for the suggestion.

This is already done if the order is locked to a specific fulfillment site, either by locking the individual order or due to which sites the customer is allowed to have fulfillment from.

Often orders could use multiple sites, and if the site isn’t locked (especially if you let Breww automatically determine the best fulfillment site), then showing just the stock at the site which is currently expected to fulfil the order might be unhelpful.

I’m sure we can look at further improving this, but I wanted to highlight why this isn’t quite as simple as it looks on the surface. If anyone else would like to see this, please make sure you vote with the button in the top-left :+1: