Shelf life funnel / report on best before

Hi, it would be great to be able to run a report that ranks batches of stock by oldest to freshest, with quantity remaining of each batch.

It would be even better if we could tag certain customers/channels/price books with a rule that specifies how much shelf life remaining they will take (ie export orders need 90% of months remaining, certain retail need 80%, etc etc) and it then flags up batches that are going to be slow selling based on ROS through channels - ie batch XX can no longer be sold to channels A, B & C, only in channel D, channel D does not have sufficient rate of sale to get through quantity 123 remaining of the batch, by specified date there will be YY stock left that cannot be sold…

All the batch, best before and ROS is already in Breww, just needs the channel or customer specific data and a lot of those rules are very clear cut.


Thanks for putting this forward, Alex. This certainly sounds like it would be really useful, so I’m sure this will pick up plenty of votes :+1: Cheers