Setting up specific credit note reason drop down list

Hi there, is there a function to set up a pre-determined set of Credit Note Reasons to the process, so that it’s easier to report on? For example, our main Credit Notes reasons would be: Damaged in transit, Misorder, Incorrect Pricing, Sales Trade Deal, Sale or Return. When an audit is being performed I will always need to provide feedback on why credit notes were being raised so this would make it easier to filter out on a report.

Thanks for raising this in our community Alice. Breww allows you to make customer-facing and private internal notes against credit notes, but currently, it doesn’t allow you to have pre-set reasons for the credit note on a drop-down list. I like the idea, and I’m sure others in the community would find this helpful. I’m going to move this to the feature request section of the community, so be sure to give it a vote!