Sellar Invoices Not Showing % Discounts Against Individual SKUs When Mapped into Breww

Good afternoon, as per title:
When we map invoices into Breww from Sellar, the invoices only show a flat fiscal value of discounts in the subtotal at the bottom of invoice.
For accountancy reporting, we require each invoice to show a % discount OR fiscal value against each SKU in the invoice, rather than a total discount value in subtotals. Please advise. Thanks

Thanks for the question, Jack.

I’m afraid Sellar does not expose this level of detail to us. We only get told the total discount amount - we don’t get to see how this discount amount was reached (i.e. which products, percentage/fixed amount, etc). Unfortunately, this means it is not possible to show the discount on the product level.

I’m sorry that we cannot be of more help with this.

Hi. Neil from Sellar here :wave:

In case anyone is following this thread, we’re currently making improvements to SKU discounts in Sellar. Once complete, we’ll be making this information accessible via our API. At which point we’ll let the folks at Breww know it’s available to use.