Sellar Documentation (on Sellar, such as it is)

I’m pretty sure that this has nothing to do with Breww, but please bear with me.
Sellar Say:

New customers who you connect with on Sellar will automatically be created and set up in Breww.
Introducing our integration with Breww — Sellar

But this isn’t the case, is it? (as of a couple of years ago, when Breww changed the way this is handled) An order from a new Sellar customer without a corresponding Breww Customer will raise a “sync message” which will have to be resolved (with a customer mapping in Breww).

If I’m right, this is misleading - and has caused confusion here. Could someone have a word?

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You’re right; this information on Sellar’s website isn’t strictly correct. As you say, a “Sync message” will be raised.

We’ll let them know. Thanks for highlighting :+1:

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