Screenshots and images show thumbnails with leads

Would be great to see screenshot of images where the files are for each customer. Just so you know what to expect after clicking an obscure file name (png, pdf?) … EDIT, jpeg apparently works, PNG doesn’t

Thanks for the suggestion, Ondrej.

Are you referring to the Files tab on the customer account screen, as in the below screenshot?

If so, this should already be showing a screenshot/thumbnail for all common image types, including jpg and png and even for the first page of a PDF too (as in the above screenshot).

If I’ve misunderstood where you mean, please let me know, otherwise, if you feel this isn’t working (it is in my tests), please can you open a support ticket and let us know the specific customer that demonstrates the problem? Cheers.

I am only getting this (same for pdf):

I wonder if the system is case sensitive maybe?

You’re absolutely right :man_facepalming: sorry about this!

We’ve fixed that for you now, so you should get previews regardless of the case of the file extension!

Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know about this :ok_hand:

Hi Luke, has that been deployed?

Yes, it has been deployed now. I was a little eager to confirm it was fixed and it was actually deployed about an hour after your message last night, sorry! I should also add that it will only fix the thumbnail for files uploaded from now on (any previously uploaded files with no thumbnail wont get one generated retrospectively, sorry).

Sorry, I should have explained this better before :+1:

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