Schedule automatically repeating orders

Do you have customers who take regular deliveries of the same order? Easily add a “repeating order schedule” onto any existing order and let Breww take yet another hassle away from you. We will then generate these orders for you to ensure they never get missed, or have mistakes that can arise from manual data entry.

You can configure a number of options (shown in the screenshot below), such as if the order should be created in advance of the delivery to help you ensure that the stock is ready on time. You can even set limits for the “end date” or the number of automatic orders to create, which makes this work well for B2C sales too - for example, where you make a monthly drop on a 1-year subscription.

Look for the Repeat order button under the Order actions menu on the main order screen.

As everything is customisable, the options to create the schedule to your own needs are limitless!