Sales - Calendar Grid View

Hi. This may be just us but we’d find it really useful to be able to view all of the sales per day/week in a calendar view. We’re looking for a quick-view of the week at a glance.


Thanks for the suggestion, Mike.

Would you want each sale to be an “event” in the calendar, like how tasks show on the tasks calendar? A bit like this:

Maybe there should be a limit on the number of orders that are shown on any given day? This would work nicely with only a handful of orders each day, but if there were more than, say, 10 on a single day this would start to probably become hard to understand at a glance, and the whole thing would fall apart if there were hundreds of orders each day.

Or should we just show a single row on each day (that has orders) with the number of orders?

Hi Luke,

Thanks for looking into this for us. Hundreds of orders a day would be nice! I get what you’re saying. Is there a way to show say, 10 orders per day view and then ‘expand’ to show the full list if clicked?
We used to use Teamup for calendaring like this as and that seemed to ‘stretch’ the day view box to accommodate more as you added them. Either would work.

Alternatively, as you mentioned, a few lines per day with:

Number of orders (20)
Number of runs (run 1:10) (run 2: 10)
Number of casks, kegs, smallpack
Revenue optional



Thanks Mike. Yes, I like the idea of expanding this to a count of orders, delivery runs, an overview of the products to deliver, etc.

If anyone else would like to see this, please use the vote button in the top-left and push this up the list. Cheers :+1: