Reporting on stock item use

I’ve run the Margin by customer type report, and found that the Stock Item cost per litre of beer sold to different types of customers is quite different.
So, I want to have a look at the detail of this report to find out why the stock item cost for sales to one type of customer is higher than for another.
I know it must be possible, because this report is putting those numbers together. But I can’t work out a way of getting at that information.
Essentially, I want to see a breakdown of the Stock Item costs, of sales to different customer types.
Can you point me to how I get this information out?

Hi Bob, thanks for your comment! The variance in cost will likely be down to a difference in the products sold to the customers within the customer type and, therefore, the packaging costs associated with those products. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a report that breaks down the costs of stock items per sale. However, our developers have just added a column of Customer type to the Margin by customer and product report. You will be able to export this to Excel, where you can organise this data and determine the packaging costs on products sold to customers within a customer type, which should give you a good indication of why there is a variance in packaging costs by customer type. Would this data help in achieving what you need here? Let me know if you are looking at seeing any other specific data, and I will look into this further for you! Cheers! Ben

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