Removing delivery for non physical items

Not sure if this is already possible but can’t see how to remove the ‘Delivery’ option when an item is non physical. For example we sometimes hire out the taproom for events and take a deposit so there is no need for the delivery option to be present for that invoice.

This would really help us as well. We invoice lots of things that aren’t “delivered” and it feels a bit weird to have to set a delivery day, and then dispatch etc. It also confuses some of our customers when they get a delivery note!

It’s not possible right now, but this is something that we’ve been looking at recently. We’re going to try to push through a change for you as soon as possible to allow you to mark the order as not requiring a delivery. This should also solve Ben’s issue with delivery notes from this thread and also here.

We’ll let you know when it’s ready to use :+1:

Great news, we’ve been able to add this in for you. This new button for “No fulfillment required” should appear for orders that only contain “Service” products.

We hope this makes things easier to manage going forward :beers:

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