Removing a keg deposit from an invoice

What is the best way to remove a keg deposit from certain invoices?

Hi Colin, thanks for your comment, and welcome to the community! Can I just clarify that when you say ‘removing’, is this an instance where a container deposit has been added to an order in error, and this needs to be wiped from the order? If you could let us know, then I will be able to look into this further for you. Cheers.

Hi Ben,
A keg deposit is connected to an item added to an invoice. For some customers we need to remove it - if it’s a disposable keg or not our couperage for example.

Hey Colin, I think deposits are supposed to be linked to container types (apologies if you’ve already figured this out) - so you might want to make sure that your disposables (and whatever) are (a) set up as separate container types, and (b) not included in the deposit scheme.

You can also choose to apply a scheme only on particular pricebooks, so if you need to exclude certain customers, I guess you move them to a pricebook that isn’t included.

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