ReCaptcha when logging in

Is there any way to disable the reCaptcha when logging in on Breww?
We login to different accounts on Breww several times a day so this can be an irritating message to be met with so often! Many thanks :slight_smile:

I’m afraid not, sorry, it’s there for a really good reason.

We recently added the ReCaptcha as an extra level of security to help prevent brute-force attacks (we found records of failed brute-force login attempts in our logs). If we were to disable this, your account would be more at risk of being compromised in an attack like this. We take your data security very seriously, which is why we’ve implemented this additional step to help you keep your account secure and your data private.

You might find that the Multi user on the same device feature request would be helpful for you here - if so, can you give that a vote? This would allow quickly switching between user accounts relating to the same brewery.