Ready to ship/packed label on orders


We would find it useful to have an extra status label on orders that would mark an order as packed/ready for shipping. Sometimes the production team will pack orders a few days in advance from our webshop and it would be useful to mark these such orders as packed as sometimes more orders come in before the dispatch date and we have to sort through which ones have been packed or not.


Thanks for the suggestion, Jack.

Would order tagging work for you? Tagging orders with issues / learnings

Hi Luke

Perhaps, it depends on how visible the tagging would be on orders. Ideally we’re looking for a scenario where when we go into the courier tab for a certain days courier orders, we could choose to print the pick list and export a csv for orders that weren’t marked as packed/ready for shipment. If tagging could work in this way then all good for us.


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Thanks Jack. I think that to get to what you’re looking for, you’d need more than just tagging, but tagging is probably a good stepping stone towards what you need, so we can hopefully build your request off the back of a list of orders that are filtered by order tags.