Racking to container, quantity bug?

Not sure if this is a bug or just unfinished, or more likely me messing up again :slight_smile:
When I go to rack a product, to just 2 kegs in this case, see screenshot below

On the next screen, instead of pre populating the qty of stock items used field with 2, it shows my total
on hand quantity? I assume i just change it to 2? see below


Hi Mike,

Ah yes! My initial thought after seeing this is that the product has the incorrect number of Polykeg stock items attached to it. If you go to Products > Find the product that you are currently racking > Check under the Components tab > Component stock items > Is it just the one Polykeg 30L that is assigned to that product? Or are there multiple?

If it isnā€™t just the one assigned, then that will be the reason the full 44 are being pre-populated to be used from stock (Iā€™m guessing it is 22 or more assigned to it). If not let me know, and I can investigate for you!