Racking in Kegs

Trying to rack beer into tracked containers (20L kegs).

Today we packaged 30 kegs and wanted to manually select containers in Breww but then I got a list of all the kegs we have. Is there a way to see only the empty kegs and even maybe to auto assign 30 empty kegs. We don’t have barcodes on our kegs, so it doesn’t really matter which kegs are selected as long as they are empty.

Or is there even an easier way we missed? :slight_smile:

Hi Anko, thanks for your comment, and welcome to the community! I can definitely understand where you are coming from here and how you are trying to work. In Breww, the tracked container system works based on the container having its own container ID code, and the list will show all of these IDs when racking. This is intentional to allow full flexibility when racking, as it will enable you to return a container from a customer and fill it with another beer in one action. I appreciate that you currently don’t work with container codes; however, I recommend using this function, as it will allow you to apply container barcodes to the containers and use the Breww mobile app to rack, assign, return and move containers through scanning the barcode. This should allow you to handle your kegs quickly and efficiently and track which kegs have gone to which customer. Alternatively, you could use non-returnable containers, meaning that you are not using keg numbers, and you can simply select the number of containers you use on racking. This is typically used when you are using rental kegs; therefore, you won’t have visibility of outstanding containers to collect from customers using this method. Given that these are your own tracked kegs, I would recommend the first solution here. Let me know if you have any other questions! Cheers!