Racking Casks Before Terminal Gravity

Hi there.

We’ve just tried to rack 9 Firkins and 3 Pins of our ESB, however, because we fill our casks around 4 points above terminal and Breww requires a final gravity reading prior to racking we’ve been unable to.

Is there perhaps a way around this that I’m not seeing? The only options I can think of currently are:

  1. Lie and say that 1.014 is the FG when it should be closer to 1.009 in the finished product.
  2. Wait until the beer conditions in the cask and take a reading ourselves before racking retroactively.

Thanks for your help!

I also have this issue.

A couple of ways around it but none ideal.

Input the FG so you can rack. But then Set that beers ABV to custom and input what you know will be the ABV at terminal gravity.

Or force ferment a sample and use that FG (or what you know it will finish at) and just add a note of the actual FG at racking for your reference.

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Also, if you use ‘Advertised ABV’ you don’t need to use an FG tag prior to racking, and can retroactively add it later on.