Quarantine Products & Availability

Sales often use the Product Availability Report as a handy crib sheet - Is it possible to adjust the way quarantined products are shown on the Product Availability Report?
At the moment they are shown on the report at 0 stock, but with a maximum available figure.

If there is a potential issue with quality, we would prefer sales not to promote/pre-sell, and currently it is not immediately obvious that a product may be quarantined compared to conditioning. This could either be with a tag, or better if they were hidden from the report.

Alternatively, a different tag for delayed release that doesn’t show on the report could work, e.g. “Hold from Sale” .etc

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the request, Steve. This report shouldn’t be including any delayed releases already (regardless of their auto/manual release or their release date), are you sure that it is? I’ve checked on my account and it does look to be correctly ignoring them.

Think so. I’ll send you a ticket.

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