Qty discounts that cover multiple types of pack

It would be good if we could have a price book discount that covers multiple pack types.

x% off for 6 x kegs
x% off for 8 x cases
x% off for 7 mixed kegs and cases

I understand that the discounts are possible for each type of pack but not for a combination.

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We have had some updates to price book discounts recently, and we think this might be solvable now.
To set up a discount of, for example, 10% off kegs and cases when 7 or more are ordered, start by creating a quantity-based discount rule on your price book. Then, enter ‘6’ in the ‘number of products’ field and then a discount of zero. Then click the infinity simple and add a discount of 10%. This will give you no discount for up to 6 products. Then over 6 products will have 10% off.

Then to select the products, you’d want to select ‘Product types’ of ‘Keg’ and ‘Mulit-pack’.

This would mean that if they ordered, for example, 2 kegs and 5 cases, each would get 10% off. Is this what you were trying to create?

As we haven’t heard back, we’re presuming you’ve managed to solve this.
If this still isn’t resolved, please feel free to open another request.