Products to have a "cost to produce most recent batch" figure in the API data

Hello, looking to see if it’s possible to keep the “cost to produce current stock” fields after a beer sells out. This is useful for our link to Power BI however I’m sure useful for others looking back on previous releases.

Currently when a stock item sells out these fields (including and excluding lost volumes) are removed, ideally if Breww could maintain the last figure seen we’d still be able to report on this in Power BI.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Steven.

At the moment, this is specifically your “current” stock (hence there’s no figure if you don’t have any stock at the moment).

We could add another field which wasn’t for the current stock. Would you like this to be, say, an average for the last 12 months of stock? My thinking is that an average cost for all stock produced in Breww ever wouldn’t be a great figure to have 10 years from now (especially if inflation continues as it’s been recently). Or maybe just a cost of the last batch produced? Or something else?


Hi Luke,

If possible I think having the cost to produce the last batch. There may have been recipe tweaks over the year, with the latest version being the most useful I’d imagine.


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Hi Luke, is it possible to get an update on this please? Any time a product goes out of stock it throws GP% quite considerably.

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This is on the radar and we’re planning to do this soon for you :+1:

Thanks Luke, do you have a rough timescale for this?

I’m sorry, but “soon” is the best I can commit to. I’d hope it’s this month, but we’ve learned the hard way too many times before by making promises of fixed dates.

Great news, Steven - this is now available to use as the cost_to_produce_last_packaged_stock field :tada:

You’ll likely want to update your code to this field instead of the cost_to_produce_current_stock field.

You’ll also need to update the request to ask to include this field (as they’re both Conditionally included fields). Assuming you’re no longer using the other field, if you can stop asking for that to be included, you’ll get faster responses and reduce the load on our systems.

We hope this is useful and thank you for your patience :smile: