Product wrongly assigned to stock item

Hi, we have managed to wrongly assign a product to the wrong stock item. How do we go about getting it assigned to the correct stock item, I have tried to obsolete it and then re-create as a product associated with correct stock item, but it says names must be unique

Scenario is
Stock item = FJ Rhubarb
Associated products: FJ Rhubarb, SB Rhubarb.

scenario should be
Stock item = FJ Rhubarb
Associated products: FJ Rhubarb

Stock item = SB Rhubarb
Associated products: SB Rhubarb


Hi Paul, thanks for raising this in the community! You can change the stock items that are associated with a product by heading to the Product and selecting ActionsEditComponent stock items. You can then remove the incorrect stock items, which should fix this for you. For example, you should be able to head to the SB Rhubarb product and remove the FJ Rhubarb stock item. Cheers!

Hi Ben

thanks for that, I have managed to disentangle the SB Rhubarb from FJ Rhubarb, however when i go to create product SB Rhubarb it tells me that there is already a product of that name, but i can’t see it in product list.

any ideas?

Hi Paul, no problem! It sounds like there may already be a product with this name that has been obsoleted. If you are searching for the product in the ‘All products list’, you can select to Show obsolete products. This should, hopefully, show the product for you that you can then choose to restore and correct (as above) or select ActionsEdit, which will allow you to change the existing name of the obsoleted product, which will free up this name for another product. If this doesn’t appear to be the case, then please raise a ticket, and I will be able to look into this further for you.