Product type on reports

Is there a guide available for all the “types” related to stock items and products? When running a report and choosing the field “product type”, it looks to be populated by either packaging types for beers, “stock item” for stock items unless the stock item is type guest beer, or “service”. Why doesn’t the stock item type show up for any stock items except guest beer (ex: merchandise)?

It would be really helpful to see a mapping of the hierarchy and where each type appears and links to each other and reports.

And this would also be helpful to assign things like accountancy codes and VAT rates.

Hi Alyssa, thanks for your message! We unfortunately don’t have a guide on ‘Types’, but I can outline what these are for you here! It sounds like you may be running a product report for your stock item products. If this is the case, these are categorised in the way you have mentioned, as stock item products are the ‘sellable’ version of your stock item. These are simply displayed for stock item products as ‘stock item’ and ‘guest beer’. This is to simplify the amount of product types used when it comes to products that are separate from your beer products that you produce. For example, if you were selling a T-shirt, the stock item product ‘Type’ would be ‘stock item’.

The stock items that are linked to the stock item products have their own ‘Types’, for example, ‘merchandise & POS’, ‘ingredient’ and ‘chemical’. Here, your T-shirt stock item will likely have been set up with the ‘type’ ‘Merchandise & POS’.

The ‘Types’ used for products and stock items are highlighted below:

Product Types

  • Stock item
  • Cask
  • Keg
  • Smallpack single
  • Smallpack multipack
  • Smallpack mixed pack
  • Guest beer
  • Service

Stock item Types

  • Ingredient
  • Packaging
  • Chemical
  • Guest beer
  • Merchandise & POS
  • Other

If you run a product level report, they will fall under the ‘Types’ used for products, and if you run a report for stock items, it will use the ‘Types’ used for stock items.

I am running a products sold report, and it is a bit confusing to have “stock item” show up for all stock items except for guest beers. And although the purpose is to simplify the reports, it would be really helpful to distinguish that a t-shirt sold is “merchandise” rather than just “stock item”. Is it possible to have both the product type and the stock item type on a report?

Hi Alyssa, thanks for your reply. Having the term ‘Stock item’ for a product type is intended to allow the stock item product to be built up of multiple stock items of differing stock item types, giving more flexibility when creating stock item products, rather than restricting it to one stock item type. Similarly, if the stock item type was also included in the report, the stock item product may be made up of different stock item types. However, I can definitely see what you mean here and how this would be helpful. Would having product ‘sub-types’ work for you here? This could perhaps work in a similar way to stock item sub-types. This could allow users to create a product type of ‘stock item’ but also give the ability to add a subtype of Merchandise & POS, for example, which could then be included when reporting. If this sounds like a good solution for you, it would be great if you could raise this as a feature request so it can be reviewed by our dev team. Cheers!